Student Survey Results and Testimonials

Student Survey Results and Testimonials:
Surveys conducted over a 4-year period (fall 2011-spring 2015) at an Illinois Junior College, indicate that 80%-85% of over 700 community college science students think the Test Covers are a good idea and help reduce cheating on optically graded (bubble tests) and short answer tests.  These surveys were voluntary, anonymous, and completed after the final examination.

Positive comments from students regarding the Test Covers include: the ability to protect their answers from wandering eyes; reduction in their temptation to copy answers from other students; reduction in concern of being accused of cheating; and increased accuracy and ease of filling out the test forms on optically graded (bubble) tests and short answer tests.


I believe the Test Covers are a brilliant idea. The color really made me stay focused on the small area of white paper left showing.  I felt comfortable having it cover my answers without having to worry.  I also liked having the small box to line up the answers and the questions.

I think they are a good idea; they helped from wandering onto someone’s test unintentionally.

Yes absolutely no wandering eyes.

Yes they are a surefire way of not cheating.

Yes, because then your scantron  is not out for wandering eyes to see and I feel safer knowing that I wasn’t cheating either. Very good idea, keep using them!

Yes, and not only does it reduce copying but it helps the students keep track of what number and questions they are on.

Yes I like the Test Covers.  It would be nice if my high school used them.

Yes and thank you!

Yes, not just to prevent copying but to reduce chance of skipping bubbles.

The test covers helped a lot. I was able to focus more on my questions than on my place on the test.

Yes, because no one will be able to cheat or be accused of helping people cheat if someone looked at their paper.

Yes, I think they are a good idea, no worries upon you as you take a test. I would like to see them in all my classes preferably.

Yes, it is easy for student’s eyes to drift.  Whether it be voluntary or not.

First time I’ve used them, but I think they are a good idea.  Wish I had them in other classes.

I really think the covers are an amazing way to protect answers. I have never seen them before previous to this class and I would personally like to see them used in all classrooms.

Using the test covers eliminates any paranoia of people cheating off me, so I do like it because there is less stress that way.

Yes, the test covers were a great idea. I had never used them previously but found them extremely beneficial. I didn’t have to worry about covering up my answers, like I usually do, and they also helped me to keep my place and not skip over rows when bubbling in my answers during the test.

The test covers are an excellent idea. It prevents inadvertent cheating and makes me feel more comfortable to look up from my test to take a break for my eyes. It also makes me feel like things are fairer. Some people are really good at cheating and can be sneaky. The covers make it  harder.

Yes, immensely.

Yes, then if someone is cheating off me then I don’t get in trouble because I had my test covered.

Yes, definitely not once did I feel like someone was looking at my test answers.

I like them a lot. I don’t like people copying my work and with those it reduces the temptation.

Yeah I like the Test Covers because sometimes even when I know answers your eyes wander to other tests and it makes you second guess yourself.

It was nice knowing no one could see my answers, but me.  They were also helpful in keeping me on the right problem because it sectioned off a small portion at a time.  Good idea.

Yes, protect us from ourselves.