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“The second most observed cheating activity reported by students (33.3%) was looking at someone else’s answers without his or her knowledge.”

Nelson, L. P., Nelson, R. K., Tichenor, L. (2013) Understanding Today’s Students: Entry -Level Science Student Involvement in Academic Dishonesty. Journal of College Science Teaching, 42(3), 52-57.

Answer form slides inside folder keeping answers covered.

TEST COVERS are folders that:

  • protect students’ answers on bubble and short answer tests 
  • eliminate the need for multiple versions of a test
  • make it easier to proctor a test, no wandering eyes 
  • increase focus and accuracy in entering answers
  • reusable, recyclable, and affordable is a division of Academic Integrity Solutions,LLC.

We are extremely proud to provide the most effective and simple privacy folders that can be used for short answer and bubble tests.